When do we get to see all of our Finished photographs?
An online gallery is uploaded around 3-4 weeks after your engagement session, and/or 6-8 weeks after your wedding day.

how many photos come in our online gallery?

Around 40-60 images for an engagement session, and 400-600 for a wedding.

Can we print with our digital downloads from our online gallery?

Unfortunately, no. Digital downloads are low resolution, and do not come with a print release.

Do you offer a print release with wedding collections?

Yes! Every wedding collection that contains an album comes with a print release.   After your wedding album is designed, printed, and shipped to me, I will lovingly package your print release form, and high resolution USB, within your album box.

Do you offer a print release with Engagement sessions?

Yes. Full details are explained in my pricing PDF.

Why do print release forms only come with wedding collections that contain albums?

When a majority of my clients were printing their photos at labs of their choosing, too many came back to me feeling dissapointed and frustrated with the terrible quality of their prints. By giving a print release form with a wedding album, I can guarantee that your favorite images are preserved in the highest quality product available, and still give you the liberty to print gifts for your friends and family whenever you wish.

Can I learn more about your PRODUCTS?

Absolutely! Just ask, and I will happily send you my PDF Look Book.

Is it important to see products in person? 

Yes, yes, and YES!  My Look Book is great, but it does not do justice to my products. To experience the quality of each item, you have to hold it in your hands.

Why do i need a consultation?

Because every couple is unique, not every photographer is going to be the right fit. It is important to find a photographer that can not only meet all of your wants and needs, but can also click with you and your fiance (it is not fun to be photographed by someone who makes you feel uncomfortable, annoyed, or stressed, so make sure you love your photographer’s personality and can see yourself having fun with them on your wedding day). 

Simply put, consultations are awesome! We learn a lot about each other, your questions get answered, and you see and feel the products that interest you most! If you think that I would be a great fit for your wedding, we can move forward to secure your date!! HURRAY!!

How do I Secure my wedding date? 

In order to secure your wedding date, and this years pricing, you must sign and return a contract with a $350 retainer fee. Your contract will be sent via e-mail after you request to book your wedding.