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images by Braun Photography


♦   I geek out about pretty much everything. 
♦   When I was 20, I got married to my best friend, John.
♦   I have a perfect little daughter named Emi. She is perfect, beautiful, and perfect! 
♦   I was in a band with John when I was a teenager.  John and I both played the guitar, and it is possible that I had a modified mullet!
♦   Ohio is the place I call home.
♦   I am the quirky middle child of my family.
♦   Ever since I can remember, my birthday has been celebrated with an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen.  No need for standard cake when there is the option for ice cream cake with a side of ice cream!
♦   I am a terrible dancer, but that does not stop me from having solo dance parties in my living room.
♦   Making checklists on paper is the best medicine when I’m feeling stressed.
♦   I frequently sing whatever I am doing, so my life is basically a musical!
♦   I LOVE my job!